The ABC's of Raising Happy, Healthy Frenchie Puppies

A is for Atmosphere

All of our puppies are raised on our beautiful 5 acre farm in central Pennsylvania. We are dedicated to raising confident, happy dogs and this is the perfect place to do just that. Here they are exposed to a variety of different animals, including other dogs, cats, chickens, our Mini-Pig, Winnie, and our fancy Peacock, Stanley. They are raised in our home, right alongside our kids and other pets. Living in a kennel-free environment ensures that our puppies grow up to be curious, confident dogs.  

B is for Behavior

Puppies are a handful. We know that better than most. That is why we start training our pups from the moment they arrive. Here is some of the training they will receive before 12 weeks: 

- "7 by 7" - This training begins almost immediately, and refers to 7 surfaces by 7 weeks. Almost immediately upon arrival, we begin introducing different sensory surfaces to our puppies - from puppy blankets, to carpet, to grass and concrete. This ensures that the puppy will not grow up to fear unknown surfaces under their feet. 

- Handling Desensitization -  Handling our puppies from an early age encourages the development of confident, affectionate French Bulldogs. We handle them daily and get them used to being held, picked up, and having their ears, face, and feet touched. This easy simple training makes it much easier to care for the dog's needs later on.  

- House-Breaking - Puppies begin training to pee pads as soon as they start walking. At 8 weeks we begin crate training, and at ten weeks we begin house-breaking. While we cannot guarantee a 100% house-broken pup at 12 weeks every time, we know that giving them a head start will make the rest of the process much easier.

C is for Commitment

Our #1 priority is the health of our dogs. We are 100% committed to preserving the breed standard through producing the healthiest French Bulldogs possible. To accomplish this, each Frenchie in our program receives a series of health and genetic tests to rule out any congenital or physical abnormalities that could affect the lives of future puppies. Some of these tests include genetic test for hereditary cataracts, OFA Spinal evaluation and OFA Patellar Luxation evaluation. Within the first twelve weeks, we ensure that our puppies receive regular deworming, vaccinations, and a health certificate from our veterinarian at 10 weeks. We are so confident in the health of our dogs that we back them up with this Three Year Health Guarantee.


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